Klein Bonaire, (little bonaire) that little island that seems protected by the inner moon shaped face of Bonaire is one of the places you can’t miss if you come to Bonaire even for just one day.

At a distance of approximately 800 meters from the coast of Bonaire, Klein is visited by boat, kayak, windsurf and at least once a year swimming by the brave ones who sign up for the annual swim to Klein bonaire from Eden Beach.

Klein Bonaire, and its renowned No Name Beach, have all the features of what you want to find when you visit the Caribbean, a huge sandy beach surrounded by turquoise waters and nothing else. No bars, no services and no crowds.

As in the rest of Bonaire, diving and snorkelling at this point are spectacular for its pristine blue waters and the coral reefs that surround the island.

Video: Stinapa

Klein Bonaire is included in the protection of the Bonaire Marine National Park thanks to the efforts of the Klein Bonaire FPKB Preservation Foundation, an initiative carried out in late 1995 by a group of local people interested in preserving the island , and other interested parties, through funds from the Department of Interior and Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, the Global Fund for the Nature of Countries.

Thanks to all, this little island will remain now and in the future as one of the nesting places for sea turtles.

Turtle Klein Bonaire

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