Fort Oranje in Bonaire, is the oldest building of the island, built by the Dutch during the 17th century

The governor of Bonaire lived here until 1837, when his new home was built next to it.

The fortress. has never seen action and the fort building was recently restored (1999) and is now the court house.


Today the tower serves as the harbormaster’s office and the Fort’s name honors the Netherland’s House of Orange royal family.

The cannons of Fort Oranje in Bonaire are old english cannons, one is from 1808, and 3 between 1811 and 1812. 

A wooden house was built next to it around 1868 and was then replaced by a stone structure by 1932, over the years the building has been used s the government center and warehouse for government goods, prison, police and fire station.

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