El Mundo Bonaire

7 minutes walking from Bonaire’s Cruise Ship pier you find El Mundo Restaurant. A great spot to sit back, and enjoy any of their wide variety of international dishes.

El Mundo Restaurant Bonaire has a great terrace, where you will find plenty of choices to sit around, either at the dinner tables or at the high bar tables, just relax and take a drink or enjoy a great breakfast!

El mundo restaurant

If you are a sports lover, El Mundo Restaurant is your place! They are a very popular hangout for all those sports lovers who enjoy watching mayor games on their big screen TVs.

Their location at the edge of Wilhelmina Plein, allows them to regularly host live music, regional dance evenings, spectacular sports events and popular holiday celebrations.

Anytime of the day, their friendly staff will help you with your selection of drinks or meals.

If there is anything the chef should know before preparing your meals, just tell their staff and they will take care of your culinary needs

El Mundo Restaurant is open non-stop every day from 8am till 10pm and the bar untill 11pm, so they are always ready to serve you!