Some of Bonaire Best Snorkel spots are very close from the cruise pier.

Bonaire is not only a one of the first diving destinations in the world, but coral reefs remain among the healthiest and the most spectacular in the Caribbean, making out of Bonaire also one of the best destinations to snorkel.

Bonaire’s National Marine Park offers some of the world’s most spectacular snorkeling. Surrounding the island you will find shallow reefs, calm & warm waters, exceptional marine life and dozens of snorkelling spots just steps from the shore. 


When is it best to go snorkel in Bonaire?

The climate in Bonaire is constant and suitable for snorkeling all year round. Our days are sunny and usually dry, safe from hurricane belt and with an average daytime temperature of 84 to 88°F (29 to 31°C).

Snorkel in Buddy reef

Many snorkel sites in Bonaire are very close to the cruise pier but if you want to have a safe day snorkelling we recommend you to take one of our guided snorkel tours.

Remember the precious and delicate coral reefs of Bonaire, and of anywhere around the world, take many years to grow and only seconds to be destroyed, so when you get in the water, please make sure to keep your hands and fins off of them.

When you get in the waters of Bonaire you will find shallow and narrow terrace slopes down gently from the shoreline to a depth of 30ft (10m) and then drops, usually at an angle of 45 degrees to depths of 130ft (40m). There are of course, some variations like vertical walls or stunning reef formations very impressive to see.

Bonaire Snorkel spots

Here are some of our water tours specially designed for you, coming on a cruise and willing to snorkel in Bonaire